Yoko Spa Milk Salt Moisturizing Exfoliating Body Scrub 300g

₦1,100.00 NGN

Product Details

Product Size:       300g

Age:                     Young and Adult

Texture:               Lotion

Brand:                  YOKO

Use for:               Body only

Suitable skin:       All skin types


What it does

Removes dead skin cells, impurities, and other dryness for radiant, healthy-looking skin. Contains Papaya Extract, which helps remove dark spots.



-           Dark Spots Removal.

-           Skin Tone Even out.

-           Clarify and Moisturizer.

-           Inflammation Removal

-           Anti-Ageing Formula

-           Natural Element

-           Suitable for all skin types


How to use

Pour a little salt on your fingers and rub gently. Rub it all over your wet skin, then leave it on for three minutes and rinse off with clean water. You'll be happy to see that your skin is softer and smoother than ever before!

How to differentiate Fake from Original

Check our site reviews. We sell original products


Customers Questions

Can I use Yoko Spa Milk salt on my face?

No. It’s advisable for the body only


Can I use spa milk salt every day?

Based on many discoveries, it’s not advisable to use it every day.

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