Spiffies Baby Tooth Wipes


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60 Spiffies Tooth-Wipes, 40 grape and 20 apple flavor. Individually packaged for your convenience. Safe and hygienic and Spiffies have been shown in independent clinical studies to reduce cavities in baby teeth. Spiffies are developed by a pediatrician as the most effective way to clean baby teeth and also to help with teething pain.

  • Individually packaged in a xylitol rich solution which is fluoride free and swallowable-safe for babies and toddlers.
  • Packaged to insure a clinically signficant dose each time, to avoid the wipe drying out and bacterial contamination
  • National Parenting Association Award Winner for 2011
  • Use a cooled Spiffies for a gum massage to relieve sore and inflamed gums when teething.
  • An independent study shows that Spiffies can prevent cavities forming in baby teeth.
  • Contains 40 Apple and 20 Grape flavored wipes

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