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Spring Valley Collagen Peptides Powder, Type 1 & 3, is a dietary supplement that supports your wellness.* Collagen is a major structural protein that provides the vital building blocks to help support your healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints.* Spring Valley’s Collagen Peptides feature both collagen type 1 and collagen type 3 in a convenient powder that stirs and mixes easily! Featuring a Keto and Paleo approved formula, this collagen powder is the perfect addition to any routine. The suggested serving size for adults is one scoop, approximately 6.7 g, of collagen powder two to three times daily, mixed thoroughly with room temperature water or juice. Spring Valley’s Collagen Peptides Powder is completely unflavored, which means you can mix it into any favorite recipe or drink, including coffee, smoothies, and so much more! Convenient and easy-to-use, this powder is the perfect choice as an on-the-go boost or as a pre or post workout drink.

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