Sure Men Quantum Dry Compressed Antiperspirant Deodorant 125ml


Whether it?s sprinting the last part of your run or cycling on the open road, your body is designed to move. Do it without the worry of sweat or body odour. With up to 48 hours of protection and MotionSenseTM technology, use Sure Men Active Dry Compressed Antiperspirant Deodorant to push yourself to the next level.

1.MotionSenseTM microcapsules sit on your skin until they are activated by friction ? you move, they break. Each time, they release a burst of energising fragrance, giving you the confidence to keep moving all day long.
2. A compressed antiperspirant deodorant, Sure Men Active Dry Compressed Antiperspirant Deodorant delivers the same protection as a regular-sized aerosol. With at least 50% less gas and on average 25% less packaging, it?s just the right size for your gym bag. So throw it in and start moving.
3.Stay active. Stay energised. Stay protected.

First, shake the can. Spray evenly onto dry skin holding the can 15cm away from underarms. Feel the freshness, move with freedom.