Sure Women Antibacterial Odour Protection Roll On Antiperspirant Deodorant 50ml


Everyone sweats but not everyone has to deal with body odour and you don?t have to, either. Because here?s the thing: sweat doesn?t cause body odour, but the bacteria that feeds on it does and 10 million can live in your underarms. That?s why Sure Women Antibacterial Odour Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-on helps to tackle bacteria head on.

1. Combining effective antibacterial ingredients that can help remove bacteria by up to 90% and MotionSenseTM technology, this formula helps keep you confident as you move.
2. Each move you make breaks the MotionSenseTM microcapsules on your skin to release a burst of crisp fragrance.
3. With up to 48 hours of protection, that freshness will drive you forward for as long as you need.
4. No odour, just 48 hours of confidence. Your body was made to move and nothing should get in its way.

Apply roll-on antiperspirant deodorant to dry underarms, in smooth motions for even coverage. Start moving and feel fresh. Repeat daily.