Sweet Tobacco and Luxury Vanilla perfume oil 6ml roll on bottle unisex


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SWEET TOBACCO IS A CLASSIC FRAGRANCE GENRE BY ADDING CREAMY TONKA BEAN, VANILLA, COCOA, DRY FRUIT ACCORDS AND SWEET WOOD SAP FOR A MODERN, OPULENT, AND ALMOST HEADY IMPRESSION THAT'S ALL MAN AND WOMAN. Premium Quality Notes: dried fruits, musk, nutmeg, sliced ginger, tonka, vanilla pods, warm cinnamon.  This high quality perfume will give you a long lasting Aroma. Please note that color of the Perfume (attar / ittar) can vary. Disclaimer :  we don't have any connection with any Designer brand. we use the name as a REFERENCE to the perfume oil. How to use Perfume Oil Make sure you take shower/bath or clean the part of body you want apply the Perfume. Most common place to use perfume oil are collarbones, knees, necklines and wrist. You can apply the perfume oil in your cloth. Perfume stay more longer in cloth then body. Note that oil can leave mark in your cloth.

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