Touch Me Please

Touch Me Please Total Whitening Soap -135g



Treat and let your skin stay clear with beauty from Touch Me Please Total Whitening 7 In 1 Soap with a unique formula of 7 natural extracts, whitening, and moisturizing properties. This premium quality soap enhances whitening for a clearer and finer complexion. In addition, contains triclosan which helps to fade dark spot caused by pimples.


1. Removes blemishes, brown freckles and black spots

2. Gives skin clearer and glowing complexion.

3. Effectively prevents dehydration.

4. Contains cleansing agent to ensure smooth clear skin.

5. Nourishes skin and prevents skin aging & damaging from free radical effect.

6. Its natural sunscreen protects skin from harmful UV rays. Gives a smooth acreamyamy foam.