Funbact A

Funbact A Triple Action Cream 30g


FUNBACT-A provides a comprehensive treatment for various inflammatory dermatological disorders superadded with bacterial or superficial fungal infections of the skin. Betamethazone Dipropionate is one of the most potent Topical corticosteroid available and rapidly controls the symptoms such as itching, redness and scaling.
1.) Highly effective in the treatment of primary and secondary bacterial infections of the skin.
2.) It also contains an anti-fungal agent, which is both fungicidal and fungi static against a wide variety of yeast-like fungi and a weak concentration of a topical corticosteroid for the anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic and vasoconstrictive (contraction) actions.
3.) This product may treat infections that have not responded to other topical antibiotic agent.
Funbact-A should be thinly and evenly applied to the affected area two or three times a day with a gentle rub.