TRIPLE LEAF Blood Pressure Herbal Tea


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The Chinese have used the herbs in this delicious, mild-tasting tea for thousands of years to help maintain blood pressure levels that are already within the normal range, and to help nourish the kidneys and liver. Eucommia is highly esteemed as a vitality herb. Traditionally, it was used to fortify he body’s “jing” or essence. Eucommia, as well as uncaria, Chinese holly, mulberry, chrysanthemum and epimedium have a long history of use to help nourish the kidney and liver. Foti is a renowned herb, used traditionally to help support healthy, normal vitality and to help nourish the blood, kidney and liver. Caring for one’s kidney and liver, along with a healthy lifestyle and wholesome foods, was believed to contribute to balance and well-being. It also was considered to help support the healthy function of the back, bladder and joints.

  • Herbal Tea Revered Chinese Herbs
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • Ancient Chinese Herbs & Teas
  • Helps Maintain Normal Blood Pressure Function
  • Eucommia Leaf & Chinese Herbs
  • Supports Healthy Natural Balance
  • Herbal Dietary Supplement

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