V’asia Ladies Collagen Drink 250ml


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V’asia Ladies Collagen Drink 250ml: Is your sex life boring? Are you having loose and smelling vagina? Are you having unwanted vagina discharge? Are you about to lose your husband or boy friend?

The Answer is here; V’Asia Ladies Collagen:

* Helps in Getting an attractive body shape

* Restoring and tightens vagina elasticity

* Completely eliminate vagina/pussy odour and bad smell

* Balancing hormones

* Restoring elasticity and charming breast size

* Bridging the vagina and delaying the menopause process

* Increases Blood circulation

* Controls Irritable menstruation in a more orderly manner

* Relieve women problems like; menstruation and vaginal discharge

* Restore the intimacy of husband and wife relationship

* Helps to nourish women skin for eye light.


Dosage: **Shake first and use plastic spoon inside Ladies Collagen pack; take 1 to 2 tablespoons in an empty stomach and drink a glass of plain water or fruit juice before breakfast **Ladies Collagen is a homeopathic based product with no side effect. **Can be taken while still breastfeeding and it increase body milk.

Store V’asia Ladies Collagen Drink 250ml in a dry and cool place after opening

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