Xtra White Skin Lightening Lotion - Arbutin & Sunscreen

₦5,000.00 NGN
XtraWhite Skin Lightening CREAM Brightens, Refreshes and Lightens Naturally leaving your skin light and radiant looking. MADE in Milan 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED LIGHTENS NATURALLY: Our Proprietary Blend of Powerful Natural Whitening Ingredients Penetrates Deeply to Block Melanin from Forming, and Allowing Lighter Skin Cells to Rise to the Surface of Your Skin. Lighten from Within!;DIMINISHES DARK SPOTS: Whether you suffer from Melasma, Pregnancy Mask, Solar Lentigo, Age Spots, Liver Spots or Acne-related Discoloration, Clear Your Complexion!; SKIN WHITENING & LIGHTENING - Our number 1 purest grade skin whitening contains natural ingredients and has been specifically formulated to target dark spots, blemishes, sun tan, aging spots, dark patches; If you have been spending time outdoors in the sun or on the beach, you very well know what the mixture of water and sun can do to your body.;Hydroquinone FREE
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