How to Lose Weight without Dieting: 7 Simple Ways 

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to weight loss is “I eat too much; if I stop eating as much as I do, maybe I’ll shed some of this awful weight off”. And so we go into all sorts of diet plans. We even go the extra mile and skip meals. But, those diets leave you hungry and unsatiated. Then, you find yourself craving and going for meals that worsen the problem. What is the point of dieting if you’re still going to end up eating the things that made you overweight in the first place?
Now, don’t get me wrong, dieting works well for weight loss too. But, there are ways you can lose weight without dieting. Wouldn’t you rather have that? Here are 7 ways to lose weight without diet.

1. Never Miss Breakfast

It is easy to resort to skipping meals to further help your weight loss plan. Well, if you are going to miss meals, let it not be breakfast. Eating a protein-rich breakfast keeps you full and coordinated until the next meal. You have less chances of eating in between meals. And even lesser chances of eating junks. When you miss breakfast, you eat more throughout the day. 

2. Don’t Eat Late at Night

For many of use, eating late at night is the norm. Perhaps because we sleep late. But, one way you can lose weight is by eating an early dinner. Set a time in the early evening in which you will have your dinner and don’t eat anything after that. Try to sleep early too. And, brush your teeth after you eat; it’ll keep you from eating anything again. 

3. No Junks

Junks like cakes, cookies, and chocolates as well as sugary foods should be taken out of your menu. They neither fill you nor do they do your body any good. They are ridiculously high in calories. Exchange junks for fruits and sodas for water. 

4. Stack Your Kitchen with Healthy Foods

To make the weight loss journey easier, throw out the unhealthy foods in your kitchen cabinet and stack healthy ones in their place. At least if you are not seeing them, you won’t be tempted to munch on them. 

5. Trim Your Meal Portions

Reduce the portion of meal you usually eat by at least 20%. Even if you do nothing else, this alone is enough to reduce your calorie intake and make you lose weight. 

6. Exercise Regularly

It doesn’t have to be vigorous, although you can do vigorous if you’re up for it. But if not, a few steps per day will help. Don’t stay in one place, take a work, engage in some activities – anything to get your heart pumping. 

7. Eat More Protein

Eating protein will make you feel full for a longer time. You will be less likely to overeat or eat in between meals.
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