Why Does Your Child’s Hair Get Tangled so Much?

I used to feel for my baby girl when I make or comb her hair. She cringes in pain and cries so much that I just want to cut her hair off to help her. But then I decided to find out why her hair tangles so much instead. Was it something I was doing or not doing? Or was it just natural? I figured if I knew why her hair was like that, I would know how to help her better. Turned out there were better options than cutting off her hair. And I’m going to show you. 

Reasons why your child’s hair get tangled

Here are some reasons I found out about why my daughter’ hair gets tangled so much. I’m sure at least one will apply to yours. 

1. It is Dry

If her hair lacks moisture, the strands are weakened. Weakened hair strands are more inclined to rolling into knots and causing tangles. If your child’s hair tangles as much as mine does, you will need to moisturize it often to be sure it never lacks moisture. Don’t moisturize only when you are ready to comb or brush it. 

2. You Don’t Condition It

Skipping conditioning is not advisable even for someone with straight, soft hair. How much more hair prone to tangling? Apply kid-friendly hair conditioner to your child’s hair after you have shampooed it. Sometimes, you may even use only the conditioner. I wasn’t in the habit of conditioning my child’s hair. I had no idea it was the cause of the tangling. 

3. It Runs in the Family

Your family may have a condition called trichorrhexis nodosa, a situation whereby the nodes around the hair shaft grows thicker or weaker than it should, causing the hair to tangle and break easily. If hair tangling runs in the family, then don’t be surprised that your child’s hair tangles too.

4. You Don’t Wash Properly

It could be that you are not washing her hair as often as you should. Or you wash it too much, which is often the case. Don’t wash her hair everyday so you don’t strip it of its natural oils. Wash with lukewarm or cold water, use kid-friendly shampoo and conditioner, and apply moisturizer after. 

5. Hot Water, Sun and Heat Tools

Hot water and heat tools like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons damage the cuticles and cause split ends and tangling. Too much exposure to the sun can have the same damaging effect. 

6. You Dry with Towel

If you dry your child’s hair with towel after washing it, the harsh surface of the towel will strip it of its oils. And if it lacks moisture, it gets tangled. Use an old T-shirt to clean instead.
Tangling basically happens when the cuticles are damaged, open up, and curl around each other. Before you cut off your child’s hair, try and find out what is damaging the cuticles and get it out of the way. Visit “here” for kid-friendly shampoo and conditioners. 

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